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Game SOP - Leader

Rules Update November 24, 2016

Game format

  • 1v1 Mode ( Playing by custom mode)
  • 2 in 3 game wins
  • Matches are set in 6 minutes
  • Set extra-time and penalty for get the winner
  • Head of the room (left side) must be adjust weather to night : good

Applicants’ requirements

  • Use your team in competitions only (Team data info. Must match with application)
  • No age limit
  • No gender limit

Match appointment

Submit result

  • Winners must be submit results each matches into threads in forum
  • Winners must be submit result capture according the image as below

Deliver 2 winning images from both matches

  • Competition result will be post in to thread “Report results”
  • Winners must be submit the result before 11.00PM of competition date only

Time of competition

  • If the winner wins the competition but do not send report according to the time period set by the team in each round. Will be disqualified for both teams.
  • If any competitor fails to enter the competition by day and time. Winner can win the next round to qualify immediately (must have clear evidence)
  • Staff will be check and record the results in each round and will announce tournament round to the next competition in next day

Protest the results (The competitor do not report match result as correct)

  • The protesters will be required to post image and proof of protest (the most obvious proof required)
  • If no evidence The team will not accept any protests
  • The decision of the staff are final


Applicants must check the date and time is clear before the competition. Then follow the initial steps announced above

  • Announcing the results of the first match on the website. For competition date announced on the list
  • Each players should be add as friend already to prepare

*** Facts ***

  • Do not change the name in game during the Tournament, in any case and another player can deliver the result immediately if the name do not match the database.
  • There is no couch among teams. The staff can check the information from the backend. and there will be maximum penalties if there is fraud (Flat out in the game)
  • Team information used in the competition. Must match only the application. If not, will be immediately adjusted to lose.
  • The information in the tournament will be based on this thread.
  • The protest should have the most evidential evidence to prove its authenticity.
  • If be dropped during the race, should be contact for a new match and count the original score and the rest time as appropriate.
  • If there is surrender you need to save images that are attached to the conversation to complete.
  • If the player has to compete with the losing team to both teams, the player must win the normally.
  • Staff decisions are final. There will be no arguments.

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